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Post  Tudorlol on Mon Nov 29, 2010 5:44 am

Hey guys! As a newb member of FailFishies, I was wondering what's the best bot to use for Runescape Soul Wars? Right now I am using One from rsbot, Perfectus soul wars and another one called KMiner. They run for approximately 9 hours after stuffing up or logging out.
I was wondering, what are your guys preferances? How long do you leave them on before knowing when to stop?
How many days a week do you bot?
Have you ever been caught botting?
If you have, what happened?

As for me, I trained soul wars "legitly" by Perfectus Soul Wars from 80-89 Strength in about a good two weeks. I hope to get 99 by Christmas time :-D, then get Desert Treasure and screw some @#$% up in PvP worlds.

Thanks for reading guys! :-D


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